Check-in to your master suite every night.   

This Spring Valley home and I have seen a lot of each other this past year. The wonderful clients and I began working on their home with a downstairs overhaul that left the upstairs feeling just a bit dated. We decided to redesign the master suite and completely remodel the ensuite as well. The result is confusingly waking up in your dream room wondering if you're actually in a hotel!

We decided to give my client’s guests an option between the two spare bedrooms. The first has a peaceful tone achieved with a neutral color palate and accessories to match. The second room is designed with my client’s children in mind for their occasional visits home. Their daughter travels often and their son loves mid-century modern, so it was important to incorporate both personalities into the room. The orange egg chair and hand-painted wall pattern add a whimsical, modern feel that we were looking for.

I am so excited for my clients and the progress that we've made on their estate! See phase one of the project here