Before and After: Royal Oaks

The goal of any remodel or interior design job I handle is simple: at the end of the day I want my clients to walk through the door of their new home with a sense of freshness – with a lift to their spirits. The happiness of my client is the basis of everything I do – it’s a partnership in which they bring their needs and wants, I bring my expertise, and together, we turn houses into homes.

The Royal Oaks home was no different. In this case, the client wanted the home modernized and upon purchasing the home – they knew that a renovation and interior redesign would be in their future. The home was very traditional and the challenge I was presented with was to bring clean, modern lines into each space - making this project unique and fun for both the client and myself.

So, where did we start? We spent a lot of time looking at photos on Houzz which helped me to get a good idea of their taste and what they were looking for. As with all of my clients, understanding their style and desires is a critical piece to a seamless final product that everyone loves. For this home, we were using existing furniture, so I knew what we were working with which allowed me to make construction selections such as finishes and installations that were in line with the overall aesthetic.

One of the most important aspects of this design was achieving the clean, modern lines we wanted. We used a 6mm thick porcelain product from Italy for the fireplace and kitchen countertops and backsplash. In the kitchen specifically, the installer did an impeccable job resulting in a seamless transition in the porcelain veins from the countertops to the backsplash.

This home required many of my trusted vendors for plumbing, paint, and tile section. The moving pieces came together beautifully and resulted in a home that the client was more than pleased with.

This client in particular was very hands on with selections and the contractors. Being a customizable interior designer, I can be as hands on or as hands off as my clients need. This client was a joy to work with. They were open to my suggestions and I am so thankful for all of my wonderful clients that trust me with their homes every day.

Showing my clients the end results and the before and after photos is one of my favorite parts of the process. Now, it’s your turn. Let’s take a look: 


Kitchen Remodel.png
Kitchen After.png

Family Room 

Sitting Room

Sitting Room Before
Sitting Room Remodeled

Master Bath

Bathroom Before
Modern bathtub.png