How to choose your wall paint color

Choosing paint colors can feel overwhelming the second you open a paint fan deck. There are thousands of options to choose from, making it easy to get carried away. People often think that painting each room a different color can achieve a “modern” look, but I think it’s actually much more sophisticated to let the textures, fabrics, and accessories stand out. Mix in an accent wall or paint the room the orange if you really want to, but I love to let the furnishings do the talking!

First, you will want to determine what finish you will want. Sherwin Williams has a great selection of colors and finishes that I choose from on every one of my projects. Higher sheen, glossy finishes are stain resistant and washable, but I prefer the look of a flat finish. Sherwin William’s Duration line is a bit pricier, but offers the best of both worlds with a flat paint that is washable AND stain resistant like glossy finish paints. The additional cost is well worth it for areas susceptible to those pesky wall stains, like bathrooms and kitchens.

Once you’ve chosen a finish, you’ll have to narrow it down to paint color. You will want to start with a few potential swatches to test on your walls and leave them up to see how they look throughout different times of the day. Depending on how much light there is in the room, your perception of the painted color may seem different and not actually be the tone you are looking for.

As mentioned, I really love the sophisticated look of soft tones complimented by textures and pops of color in the space. Let’s go over a few options that I recommend to achieve this look:

Wall Color



On The Rocks 7671 - This color has been used on so many of my jobs. It is not dark and is a great neutral.


Agreeable Grey 7029 - Has a bit more of a taupe to it. If you have a lot of tan tones but want to go grey, this is a great choice and is a bit warmer than on the rocks.

Repose Gray Paint.png


Repose Grey 7015 - A little warmer than Agreeable gray. It is a lovely color too. 

If you prefer a traditional color scheme, I would recommend the following taupe swatches:

Trim and Ceiling Color

Extra White 7006 - My favorite color for trim. Yes!! You will love it. It is a true white and very crisp looking. This is my go-to for all whites. When you open a fan deck of different whites, there are so many other choices. It feels like a true white, with no undertones of any other pigment. Whites are tricky because a white on the wall looks different on the trim looks different on the ceiling. You could use the same on all three and have different appearances.

I hope you find these tips useful in creating a cohesive and sophisticated space! Keep up with my latest tips and announcements by finding me on Facebook or joining my mailing list.