How We Made a Home Sparkle

Recently, I had the opportunity and privilege of working with an amazing Houston family in order to transform their home. As the Houston Chronicle said, we took it from Dated to Dazzling!

I was so lucky to have Diane Cowen from the Houston Chronicle write about the work we, along with some other great vendors, did on this home. I worked with the client to choose pieces such as a reclaimed beam that we placed over the fireplace in order to create a space that was beautiful and comfortable. We worked together to make the home personal by keeping a full library in the living room and adding new pops of color in the furniture.

We are so happy with the results from this home, and I want to take you through the project to show you that a big transformation IS possible! Why? Because we often hear from clients that they cannot envision a new design is possible for their home, because the transformation seems too large. I’m here to tell you that is not the case! We love working with clients to create spaces that feel like homes and lift their spirits.

The bottom line? Beautiful interior design that feels like home is achievable — just look at the before and afters of this dazzling home:

Read more into the thought process behind the design as well as some of the other amazing vendors that worked on this home in the Houston Chronicle.

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Thank you so much for reading this, I love to help people with their designs and homes! I always say “design mistakes are so expensive,” to ensure your next design is exactly the way you want it, be sure to contact me here, and don’t forget to follow me at Missy Stewart Designs on Instagram!