Making Fall: How Florals & Organic Accents Change a Room

Let me be honest... I don’t like fall colors. I’m not going to tell you not to use them, because if that’s what you like, then great! What I am going to do is offer some insight into how you can warm up your home for the holiday and fall season outside of the traditional red leaves and orange pumpkins.

Now, I can’t stress enough that you have to do what is right for you. Fall, along with any other season, can be different for everyone. If you love fall colors or bright accents — go all out! If you would like to stick with a more neutral tone, you can do that too. I for one spice up my home for fall with white cinderella pumpkins and green pumpkins because they’re something that I enjoy having and that make my house, a home.

Just take a look at my Thanksgiving centerpiece from last year (pictured to the right).

Centerpieces in the dining room are a great way to bring the seasonal look you’re going for, and they don’t need to be limited to one day of the year. I coach clients on centerpieces often, helping them to choose the right pieces and organic accents for their needs.

These seasonal touches don’t need to be limited to the dinner table. Floral and organic accents specific to the fall season can and should be placed throughout your home. On a side table, in the entry way, on the kitchen counter — these subtle accents are what will create the warm feeling you’re looking for.

Choosing natural elements you love should be fun. For the fall season I recommend a white hydrangea or pussy willow arrangement for the neutral lovers — add a pop of orange, brown or red for those fall accents to truly shine through.

Florals and organic accents are important to find, which is why I work with a range of professional florists that help me to ensure my clients are satisfied with the pieces we choose. When choosing these arrangements, the two most important things to think about are height and color. Don’t be afraid of adding height to your room with these natural elements. Just take a look at the floral arrangement below.

Clients often ask me if they should add faux flowers to their homes, because often switching out florals and even some plants can be a large task and not the most cost-effective. I have a love-hate relationship with faux flowers, as I truly feel that florals are so important to change the feel of a room or home. I say, go for it if they are fitting with your home and style (but never discount the sophistication of a fresh arrangement). As I said in a recent article in the Houston Chronicle, “What flowers do to a room, nothing else can accomplish.”

There are many other options outside of florals that will bring this seasonal feel to your home this fall. Using different natural elements such as plants, succulents, pumpkins, or a tree stump as an end table will give your home the touch it needs no matter what time of the year.

These elements add the final touch to rooms you’re looking for, and are the easiest most sophisticated way to quickly change the entire feel of a room — perfect as we get into the fall and holiday season!

Remember, it’s not about the trends, it’s all about what you love.

Below are some of my projects where florals, plants, and organic accents really make the room:

The air plants and succulents combined with the drift wood above bring the pop this entryway needs.

These elements don’t always need to be extravagant. This is a leaf I picked from my backyard that brings a pop to this living room.

In the lower right of this photo, we see another minimalist touch with the leaf on an accent piece at the center of the table, and the plant behind it on the end table.

In the lower right of this photo, we see another minimalist touch with the leaf on an accent piece at the center of the table, and the plant behind it on the end table.

Thank you so much for reading this, I love to help people with their designs and homes! I always say “design mistakes are so expensive,” to ensure your next design is exactly the way you want it, be sure to contact me here, and don’t forget to follow me at Missy Stewart Designs on Instagram!