The Fashion Week of Interior Design: Las Vegas Market

Every year, thousands of designers flock to Las Vegas Market, where retailers unveil their products and styles in home decor. We're talking 5 million square feet of statement pieces, bold design patterns, and unique artwork. 

The single most exciting thing for me about Las Vegas Market is having the opportunity to provide my clients with the most unique trend pieces before they are available to the general public. Each year, I meet new vendors and retailers that offer a fresh selection of home decor and it's always nice to catch up with retailers that contribute to my projects. It is truly humbling to attend an event of this scale among the most notable designers in the business and I'm so excited to bring this year's finds to upcoming projects. 

A weekend full of excitement calls for a list of top moments. Here are my top three moments from this year's Las Vegas Market.  

1. Renee Cazares is a designer I admire. His line is unique and versatile. Visiting with him was such an honor as designers constantly rely on each other to complete a look. As I always say, "it takes a village" to get the job done. 

2. It was so fun to visit with the owners of Nourison and hear about their families over cocktails. They are such a big company and it is nice to get to know them personally after all these years of using their rugs in my designs. 

3. Christopher Guy's Showroom is always one of my favorites. It is stunningly beautiful, sexy and makes my imagination soar. 

An honorable mention on my Las Vegas Market experience list is running into Jeff Lewis and his crew, and Donny Osmond! It was quite an honor to have the opportunity to attend an event with other top designers and creatives that share this passion of mine.

Until next time, Vegas!